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1993 Results

Summer Sizzler
Jimmy Snuka def. J.T. Smith to retain the ECW TV title (5:57)
Tony Stetson def. Larry Winters in a "First Blood" match (5:34)
Peaches def. Tigra (3:23)
Jimmy Snuka def. Tommy Cairo to retain the ECW TV title (6:06).
Rockin' Rebel def. The Sandman in a Philadelphia street fight (5:11)
Dick Murdoch def. The Dark Patriot (5:36)
Sal Bellomo, Stevie Wonderful, & Super Destroyer #1 beat Johnny Hotbody, Chris Michaels, & Hunter Q. Robbins III (10:09) when Destroyer pinned Michaels.
Eddie Gilbert beat Terry Funk in a "Texas chain" match

Ultra Clash
The Public Enemy beat Jason Knight & Ian Rotten (4:38) when Rock pinned Ian.
ECW Pennsylvania Champ Tony Stetson pinned Tommy Cairo (7:30).
Super Destroyer #1 pinned Super Destroyer #2 (6:25) in a "mask vs. mask" match.
The Dark Patriot beat JT Smith (6:32) in a "scaffold" match.
Terry Funk & Stan Hansen beat Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher (7:30) via DQ in a "bunkhouse" match.
Tigra won a "battle royal" (3:46). Also in the match were: Don E. Allen, Angel, Hunter Q. Robbins III, Sherri Martel, and Jay Sulli
Sal Bellomo pinned Richard Michaels (7:18) in a "strap" match.
ECW Heavyweight Champ Shane Douglas pinned Sandman (8:15).
The Headhunters beat Miguelito Perez & Crash the Terminator (8:59) in a "baseball bat" match when Crash was pinned.